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Camilla Gray-Nelson’s farm-girl roots and “natural” approach to communication, leadership and power has launched her to success with a wide variety of clientele. She has taken her unique brand of wisdom to the masses, sharing the secrets of power and influence from the animal world with corporate leaders, women, parents and couples alike. As North Bay Business Journal’s 2012 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, she’s an innovator, thought-leader and woman on a mission.

Camilla coaches, cajoles and commands her audience, teaching important life lessons on leadership and personal empowerment with lessons learned from the animals that have shared her life. Drawing upon years of studying animal behavior first-hand, Camilla discusses the similarities between animals and humans and the subtler side of leadership – why bigger and louder isn’t better and how universal social cues can be applied to all of life’s important situations. It’s a powerful but pragmatic approach designed to help audiences better achieve their goals – not only with their animals, but with their staff, their clients, their children and partners alike.

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Women in leadership

Lead Your Pack and Manage Your Herd

Hidden Secrets of Influence by Instinct

Camilla shares her personal secrets of managing and motivating her staff…with the same techniques she uses in training animals! How does she keep her team cooperative and motivated? By understanding the profound parallels between four-legged animals and the two-legged ones that work for her! In the presentation, Camilla reveals our hidden animal instincts, the power of praise and clear boundaries, the silent signals of power and weakness and how to make the “animal” group dynamic work in any office for any manager. She tops it off with a discussion of Farm Girl Attitude, the secret sauce for leaders. Coming from a North Bay Business Journal Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, this presentation is authentic, insightful and inspiring — no bones about it!

happiness coaching

7 Steps to Happy - Nature’s Pyramid

Mother Nature’s ultimate guide to living your best life

For anyone who’s ever felt blocked or frustrated in their life path or in pursuit of happiness, Camilla lays out the simple, but profound route to satisfaction and contentment that animals have followed for millennia. Since humans are animals, too, Camilla has studied animal behavior for decades, and distilled their happiness habits into seven key steps, which she presents in Pyramid form. You will discover how to climb this pyramid⏤and realize your best life, Nature’s way.

success principles

The Seven Secrets to Achieving Your Goals

What animals know about success…and you should, too!

Right off the bat, Camilla lays out the shocking truth: that humans are animals, too.  She helps her audience shed their pride and embrace their Inner Animal, by acknowledging the instincts and hard-wired motivations they share with their 4-legged cousins.  Camilla guides her audience to a new perspective on reaching any goal requiring willing cooperation.  Animals know the secrets to successfully getting what they want from others…and Camilla shares their secrets in this inspiring presentation.

career opportunities

Hobby to Huge

Growing your small business, organically

It’s not about your business plan, advertising or your balance sheet, says Camilla. The real secret to growing  a phenomenal small business depends on people and something she calls LM -TM – PM (Like Me – Trust Me – Pay Me.)  Surrounded by your competitors, clients choose companies that they Like the most.  Companies they Trust the most.  After that, the money comes easily. Listen to Camilla’s organic advice on business success – how she grew her company from one woman in a pick-up truck to a 7-figure+ corporation.  Learn how to create a company culture that will attract clients, the most important hire that you will make, and why business is not about selling; it’s about helping.  Why doing the right thing, for the right reasons gets clients beating a path to your door.

management consulting

Influence through Instinct

What you never learned in business school, couples counseling or parenting class

For any managers struggling to get more out of their staff, moms fighting with disrespectful kids or spouses tired of arguing with their partners. Camilla introduces a whole new way to communicate and manage; one they never taught us in business school, couples counseling or parenting class. Instead of using logic, reason or rational argument to produce change, Camilla explains why these approaches often fail. Our Inner Animal, she explains, reacts first, before intellect kicks in. She shares a revolutionary new way to manage which she calls Influence through Instinct, with examples of common workplace, relationship and parenting issues that can be addressed in this unique way. They won’t even know how you did it!  

workplace culture

Why Women Have a Leg Up on the Competition

Lessons from the Farm

Our animal, instincts predispose us to respect and follow size and strength. (Read: maleness.) In this entertaining and provocative presentation, Camilla Gray-Nelson reveals the subtler side of power as practiced in the animal world and points out some natural leadership skills like patience, empathy and stick-to-itiveness at which women can excel. Learn why “manly” management can backfire and how something as simple as poor posture or unintended gestures can undermine a woman’s effectiveness, at home and at the office. This is a quick course in how to unleash our Inner Leader — animal-style!


No Fence Too High

How to clear any obstacle on the path to your goals, even if you’re not the Big Dog

Thinking about demanding a raise? A promotion? A vacation? In this eye-opening and provocative presentation, Camilla shares how gracious acceptance of our current status is not only the key to interpersonal harmony, but ironically, the key to personal advancement as well.  It’s what animals know and we should, too!

workplace challenges

The Negotiation Elevator Goes Up or Down...Never Sideways

How knowing where you stand can get you where you’re going

When we want something, of course we must approach our boss differently than our kids, but what about peers like Co-workers? Friends? Spouses? Camilla explains the surprising truth that there are no equals in Nature. Our instincts know it, too, which calls into question the entire concept of “managing across”. Sure to raise some eyebrows, Camilla has some surprising advice for getting what we want by choosing the correct Negotiation Elevator – Up or Down – and how to figure that out in any situation.

success coaching

Your Inner Animal: Gatekeeper to Success

Recognize, manage and direct the “thing” that’s blocking your path

Meet your Inner Animal, the invisible puppet master pulling your strings and affecting how you react and interact with others. Camilla points out it’s alive and well in each one of us, whether we know it or not. Learn how to control the beast within before it sabotages your career or personal life or how to capitalize upon it to skyrocket your success at work, life and love.

parenting styles

Mama Dog Principles for Managing Your Little Animals

Get your kids to listen, mind, and get along in 3 simple steps

This is for any mom wrestling with parenting issues. Take away Mother Nature’s secret to earning trust and respect from youngsters of any species. Learn why yelling doesn’t work and how to get cooperation with less pushback by following the Mama Dog’s 3-step method of Fearless Follow Through. You’ll have them eating out of your hands.

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