“Camilla puts her finger on something no one else is talking about: How otherwise smart, organized, strong and accomplished women turn into dumb wimps with their dogs.

I’m one of them! I’ve had dogs all my life, but Camilla is the first person who has zeroed in on the real reasons why I could not get my precious dogs to do what I ask, even though as a movie critic I’m strong-willed, opinionated and not afraid to speak my mind, but I was a failure with my dogs.

Camilla’s advice changed all that. Instead of yelling, I speak more softly now and use follow-through instead of force. I make obedience fun for my dogs, instead of threatening them. I don’t confuse permissiveness with love. Better communication, less emotion and the power of quiet confidence and follow-through are exactly what empowered me with my dogs and what is offered in LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH: Dog Training a Woman’s Way. The advice in this book changed my life!”

~ Jan Wahl Dog Owner, Movie Critic, Television and Radio Personality

“Camilla’s ‘farm-girl’ approach to a happy life with your animals struck a chord for me.

Growing up, that outlook worked at both my homes — the real one and my “other” home on the Hollywood set of the Martin farm with Lassie. My own mother and my TV mom exuded the kind of quiet strength that Camilla presents as the backbone of her dog management philosophy. Somehow, she found a way to translate that heart-warming experience to paper with lively humor, creating a clever and thought-provoking book sure to be of benefit to even the wildest household!”

~ Jon Provost Timmy from “Lassie” – www.jonprovost.com

“As a dog owner and a female executive in California’s competitive wine industry, I can vouch for Camilla’s advice on how to become more effective in training and control.

Her tips on posture, eye contact and voice tone are vintage! These are the skills that finally helped me get my little terrier, Finnegan, under control at the winery and the same ones I used everyday in managing my business. Cheers to LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH!

~ Mary Colhoun Former Proprietor, Landmark Vineyards Sonoma County, CA

“Camilla Gray-Nelson shows the deeper truths about our dogs’ attachment to us and their desire for structure and obedience, which is critical to successful training.

When this happens, there is a noticeable ‘good fit’ between the dog and her master.  The reader will find high practical value and real results in the method used, which is also a fun read. The four questions of obedience are beautiful in their simplicity and effectiveness.”

“Not just for women, but for men, too, this book teaches us how to read dogs, and they, us…a long overdue new form of connectedness to these beautiful creatures.”

~ Richard Lieberman MD

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