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About Camilla

Modern life is complicated. But careers, relationships and life don’t have to be. ~ Camilla Gray-Nelson

Hi, I’m Camilla!

Camilla Gray-Nelson is a bestselling author and award-winning entrepreneur.  Her company, Dairydell Canine, is consistently listed in the Top 15 Women Owned Businesses in Northern California.

Gray-Nelson credits the relationship secrets she learned on the family farm and a lifetime of studying animal behavior for achieving her own “arm-pinching” success in business as well as her personal life. Camilla has dedicated her life to finding simple solutions for life’s biggest issues, especially those that women face.

No, I’m not your average coach or mentor....

but that’s exactly why you should follow my unique perspective on life, love and career! I promise I’ll share things you won’t learn anywhere else, helping you become Enlightened, Empowered and Effective by decoding the life-changing secrets of Mother Nature herself. My uncommon perspective will unravel the mysteries of living fulfilled and has helped many hundreds of my clients unblock and achieve their goals. It can work for you, too!
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Farm Girls Know About Attitude

They cultivate it like they cultivate the land. Their brand of Attitude sustains them as it puts all of life’s complicated experiences into simple perspective

Let's Grow Your Farm Girl Attitude

My Promise to You

I am committed to revealing Natures simple wisdom that can enrich and improve your life. There is a purity and harmony in the ways of the natural world. My no-nonsense Farm Girl approach offers a fresh look at relationships and at yourself, which sweeps away confusion, and opens a simple path to your success.

Camilla Gray-Nelson

Camilla Gray-Nelson is an author, leadership consultant, and award-winning entrepreneur with a company consistently listed in the Top 15 Women-Owned Businesses in Northern California. DairyDell, Inc is located on the family farm where she was raised. She credits her business success today to the lessons she learned from Mother Nature in her childhood. With her unexpected perspective, Gray-Nelson’s insights into our own inner animal and ability to influence through instinct has helped thousands of clients live happier lives.

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