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living with nature right on my doorstep
Control Your Herd and Manage Your Pack. Check out my Farm Girl Secrets to Leadership.

I learned a special brand of leadership by watching the animals on our farm.  Alpha Dogs, Boss Mares and Queen Cows all followed a universal code of interaction that produced results with minimum pushback while preserving maximum group harmony.  Most people don’t realize that the most effective animal leaders are also among the most likeable as individuals.  Their quiet strength and confidence allows them to interact positively with others in their group, while still earning respect and cooperation from subordinates. Isn’t that what we all want as leaders?

I apply these basic Rules of the Farm to my own professional life and lo and behold, they produce amazing results in the human world as well!

Check out my Farm Girl Secrets to Leadership:

  • Be the boss but be nice about it.
  • Communicate rules and expectations clearly
  • When rules are broken, do not yell, berate or over-react
  • Stay calm
  • Use Bessy the Cow’s 3-Step Follow-Through:
  • Give a low-key reminder or warning
  • Formalize disapproval and clarify expectations for change
  • Take more serious action if expectations are not met
  • Follow through and enforce rules or boundaries without apology
  • Through it all, stay likeable.

It should be no surprise that this code of leadership from the Animal World works for humans.  After all, we’re animals, too!

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“No, I’m not your average coach or mentor, but that’s exactly why you should follow my unique perspective on life, love and career! I promise I’ll share things you won’t learn anywhere else, helping you become Enlightened, Empowered and Effective by decoding the life-changing secrets of Mother Nature herself.”

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